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checkbox help

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checkbox help
I can't get checkboxes to work. When I try to edit or add a link i get the error:

spinfishing cannot contain the value ''

where spinfishing is the name of the checkbox

here's what information I put in:
Column Name: spinfishing
Column Type: Text
Column Index: None
Column Size: blank
Column Values: blank
Not Null: No
Default: blank
Form Display: spinfishing
Form Type: checkbox
Form Size: blank
Form Names: spinfishing
Form Values: spinfishing
File Save Location: blank
File Save Method: blank
File Maximum Size: blank
Form Regex: spinfishing
Search Weight: blank

help would be greatly appreciated. thanks!
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Re: [Gregorio] checkbox help In reply to
You might want to put an empty value in Form Regex. As it is now, the column has to contain the value "spinfishing", nothing else will be accepted.

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