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changing design of forms

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changing design of forms

Is it possible to change the design of the forms, which are displayed in browser.cgi? I do not want to have there listed all text-fields and textareas and so on in a given sort-order. I want to have a real design, where I can decide myself, where the fields and textareas are, where I can add some help-window-links and so on...
Something like the template include_form.html would be great, but this only works with adding and modifying links I think... in the browser.cgi-Templates instead of <%include include_form.html%> only <%form%> is included, which cannot be changed as much as I like.

Another possibility to solve my problem would be to get links with more than one owner?!? If this is possible somehow, i do not need to change the forms anymore...

Perhaps anybody can help me?

Thanks, Tina