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category/detailed page question

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category/detailed page question
Hi all,

I have a link in the path: A/B/C/D/link.

I'm trying to figure out how to get B and C category names only to show up on the detailed page of the link. D has to be hidden (it's links are in an include in the category page for C).

Any ideas or a point in the right direction to relevant code would be much appreciated....thanks!

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Re: [estjohn] category/detailed page question In reply to
You'll probably have to use a global that will reformat the category name list. Can you give me a url that will give me a better idea of how your category structure works so I can give you a better answer? Smile
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Re: [Aki] category/detailed page question In reply to
Thanks Aki....I'll be more verbose and give some better urls:


This is the "country page" represented by the country template. This template includes on part of the page each subcategory index.shtml if it exists, for example greece/transit/, greece/weather etc. The subcategories are formatted as raw links, no other html/design so if somebody goes to the subcategory index htye will just get an unformatted white/gray page with some links.

One of the subcategories of greece is: pix....


This category is different in that it has detailed_url turned on, for example one link in the pix subcategory then leads to http://www.mydomain.com/pages/detailed/5917.shtml

My goal is to get a nav bar on this page that will allow the user to navigate back to either europe/index.shtml or greece/index.shtml

Does that help? Let me know if you need more info. Thank you!