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browser_link_modify_form.html ???

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browser_link_modify_form.html ???
I just upgraded to Links SQL and it looks pretty slick. I would like to modify the admin ara just a little though.

I would like browser_link_modify_form.html to be exactly link the form used to Modify Links (I think). basically I need to go through all of my links and add them to multiple categories. I can do this if I Modify but it's taking a long time. It would be much easier if I could do this from the browser function.

Is there a way to move things around a little bit when validating links? I have plenty of room on my screen and right now things are pretty spread out.

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Re: [SirMoby] browser_link_modify_form.html ??? In reply to

You can click on the cateogry with the link, then click on Copy for the link you want to copy, and then select the categories you want to copy it to.

Hope this helps,

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