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bad link reporting

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bad link reporting

I have just acquired Links SQL 2.1.2 and have it successfully installed. I've downloaded the Bad_Link plugin 2.1.1a (PugDog) from the Plugin Manager in admin, and cannot get it to work.

Searching this forum turned up mostly older posts on earlier versions of Links. Anyone have any suggestions as to how to make this work? I just want an option for users to report a bad link. Are there other ways to accomplish this?

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Re: [ronzo] bad link reporting In reply to
Bad Link Plugin should work fine - just modify those files the way you like it, link them on the page from where you want the users to be able to report bad links - it should work. :)

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Re: [NeedScripts.Com] bad link reporting In reply to
Thanks... I got it working fine after yet another look. Just a stupid mistake. Funny how the simplest thing can really mess you up.

Guess I shouldn't have wasted my time coming up with this unelegant piece:

<a href="mailto:admin@mydomain.com?subject=Bad link&body=<b>LinkID:</b> <%ID%>%0A<b>Title: </b><%Title%>%0A<b>URL: </b><%URL%>%0A<b>Comments: </b>">Report Bad Link</a>
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Re: [ronzo] bad link reporting In reply to
I'm in the process of reworking this, into part of my SQL Widgets package.

I never got the back end finished to display stats, and allow checking of the links, since this was one of the first plugins I did (converted over from the BNB script, I think).

When I'm done with my new package, hopefully all these little scripts will be available from inside that package, and it will be one install, and update system. Different parts can be updated, added to, and altered. I'm still hacking out the concept, but it will tie all my code fragments, snippets, and little scripts into one shell, and will allow you to add code fragments from the forum as you need them.

Once I get it working, I'll have an "update service" (no specifics) to automatically add in bug fixes, new code snips, and such. Basically, this is to make my life easier, and it should be stable enough for general release. It will be my last "plugin" as I think I indicated before. My Image/Upload/etc will be OEM type versions of Links, and/or will be installed through this interface.

Just short of *time* to make it all work.

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Re: [pugdog] bad link reporting In reply to
After getting this plug in to work by correcting an oversight, I discovered that when a user reports a link as bad and then confirms the action, they are now two pages away from where they started.

This is just a small nit picking thing, but I thought it would be nice to offer that user a quick and easy way to get back to where they started.

I'm not sure if this the best solution, but I simply added this piece of Javascript in bad_link.cgi after lines 93 and 103.

<input type=button value="Back" onClick="history.go(-2)">

Clicking the button takes the user back two pages to the page where they reported the link.
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Re: [pugdog] bad link reporting In reply to
OK, another change...

If the admin owns a link which is being reported as bad, and you go to admin > Plugins > Bad_Link > View Reports ... and then you click on the LinkID number, you will be taken to all of the links which admin owns, which in my case is quite a few.

I wanted this LinkID number to take me to that link only, so after playing around for a bit I came up with this:

In Bad_Link.pm at around line 60, I changed:

<a href="$CFG->{db_cgi_url}/modify.cgi?ID=$id" target="_linksearch">$hit->{LinkID}</a>


<a href="$CFG->{db_cgi_url}/admin/admin.cgi?db=Links&do=modify_search_results&ID=$id" target="_linksearch">$hit->{LinkID}</a>

Now clicking on the bad link ID number takes me to a modify form where I can either edit or delete the specific link.

I've tried it out and it seems to work fine for me. By the way pugdog, thanks for a great plugin. Link checking software is great for 404s etc., but lately I've noticed that many web sites who have gone under have had their domain names snatched up by annoying and anonymous "search engines" with a whole lot of freaking pop-up windows.

The only way I can weed these out is with the help of users to my site who can report such annoyances.