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automatic display...

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automatic display...

Can you display an arbitrary template, without having to pre-define the call in siteHTML ??

Something like:

If $SUB "arbitrary template" exists, use it.
if not, pass input to the default display that tries to open that template
if not, if error, return error.

It's seems wasteful to have to pre-declare a bunch of display routines, if all you really want to do is pass a template the current parameters and parse it out. If you have to do anything special, then you'd need to declare a sub.

Seem possible?

Shouldn't be a security risk, since it looks for a template in the default directories, and anyone who has permission to write to those directories could do more damage than a wayward template.

It seems siteHTML is quite flexible already, that will add one more option.
Maybe a flag in the config section to turn on "Auto_Display" or not.

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Not yet, but I'll add this in. You'll need a way to be able to display new user templates too, this will most likely be handled in page.cgi.



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