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attribute fields in Go Cart

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attribute fields in Go Cart
I am trying to add attribute fields in go cart and having no success. For a store selling candles I want to create pull down menus for scent and 2 colors (3 total) I have created new columns in the gocart section Plugins --> Admin --> Control Panels --> Advanced --> Invoice Properties and Items Properties. I called the Color1, Color2, & Scent. In the gocart templates I use <%Color1%>, <%Color2%> & <%Scent%>. All I get is Unknown Tag: 'Color1', Unknown Tag: 'Color2',Unknown Tag: 'Scent'.

I am at a loss and am not sure how to add these (or call) these fields. I tried to mock the quantity drop down menu that comes with the go cart plugin all to no avail. . .

Any suggestions

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Re: [lennie] attribute fields in Go Cart In reply to
Somebody out there must have done this. A couple of dropdown menus so shoppers can have choices. Like a Blue shirt size XL
It can't be too hard but I am not seeing it. Please help. . .
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Re: [lennie] attribute fields in Go Cart In reply to
Am working on modifying GoCart at the moment.

It's not easy to follow, as it's origins are somewhat convoluted ;)

What we are working on, is a way to add inventory tracking (quantity, sold-out, etc), and color/size/etc choices to it as well. There are some problems to this, so don't expect it too soon.

There are some other things we have to get to first, but this is important to me for my primiary installation.

Do you need this as "attributes" in the line-item on the invoice? Or, does it need to be taken from inventory?

For instance, doe you need someone to be able to order "knitted sweater" "size M" "color Blue", or do you need to let them select that from existing inventory?

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