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allow users to choose multiple categories?

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allow users to choose multiple categories?
Is there a way to allow a user to select multiple categories from the add a resource form? Right now, the drop down menu only allows one category to be chosen. I've added an additional information category for my users to tell me about other categories they would like their link to be in, but it would be easier if they could just select the categories themselves (holding the control key similar to the way its done on the admin side).

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Actually, I never noticed that before.

The process of picking/selecting categories is (quite) a bit more complicated than it was in the 1.1x version.

Maybe Alex has addressed this, if not, I've put it on my to-do list to see if it's possible to allow the Admin to select the max number of categories a user can add their link to on the add/modify form. It's something I would like to allow especially "editors" and "paid" link owners to do as part of the big-daddy photo/graphi mod.

Unfortunately, my todo list is now looking somewhere around September of 2003 <G> (not really, but not this month at least!).

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