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allow editor to modify link

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allow editor to modify link
I have the following problem. Users are allowed to create their own links but not to edit all the data. In the Links-table exists field that should be only edited by the editors. Now I would like to give the ability of modifying those links to the editors too. One way to edit is with the browser.cgi but I would like to use the modify.cgi. Because there are all the functionalities the editor needs.
But if an editor opens a link with the modify.cgi he has no right to edit. Ownly the LinkOwner is allowed.
Is there now a possibility to give the editor the ability to modify a link (he is not the owner) created by a different user?

Many thanks for any help.
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Re: [alexiusk] allow editor to modify link In reply to
Without changing core code, it isn't possible to allow editors to edit links through modify.cgi.