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advanced searching of descriptions

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advanced searching of descriptions

another question, this may be a stupid question but has me baffled.

from admin/database/Links/delete Go

Indexed Search:

if I want to seach my large seed for porn sites so I can delete them, if I enter, say, ANAL

I get tons of results with analyst analize etc.

When I try to isolate the work like " anal " it doesn't work, still returns analyst etc etc

This makes it tough to find an exact word. like the word sex returns essex, homosexuality, heterosexuality, sexes, etc etc

How do I focus the search to just one word?

I just did a test in this forum searching for "detail" it worked fine, but in my GT 3 search doing the same search the same way gives detailed, detailer or anything else with detail in it. It seems you solved the problem in the forum search, would like to know the fix for my GT search.


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palehorse1677: Nov 2, 2006, 11:21 AM