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admin validate link list bug

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admin validate link list bug
if you go from the browser.cgi to validate links from the admin, and when u go into a specific category, then press the validate links, it won't show the links pending for only that category but the whole validation list... anyway to fix this?
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That's how its supposed to work.

The ADMIN panel allow you to manage the tables that hold the links, categories, etc. and since you are the administrator you can do anything to any of the records in those tables as well as updating the tables themselves.

When you select 'Categories' from the drop-down list you are managing the categories table and all of its contents.

When you click on 'Validate Links' in the admin panel you, the administrator, get to see ALL the links awaiting validation.

Browser.cgi, however, is a visual category management tool and link editor tool. Browser gives you a better idea of how the categories are laid-out in relation to each other, as well as allowing you and your editors to manage the links in each specific category.

Browser, unlike the admin panel, doesn't give access to everything and can be tailored to suit each of your editors (you wouldn't want your editors to have access to all of your admin functions, would you?).

You can specify that editor 1 only has access to specific categories, and can only validate - whereas editor 2 may be more trusted and you may allow him or her access to a larger range of categories and also allow them to add/delete/move categories, and add/edit/delete/move links.

I hope this helps to explain the differences. Smile

All the best