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admin.cgi cpu problems

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admin.cgi cpu problems
Well, I wish my post was under better conditions but I've got a Links problem and figured I better start here. I'm new to LinksSQL so please forgive me if I state something wrong. Crazy

I have had Links SQL v2.2 installed at my host for about a month now without any problems. I have been doing more work with Categories this week and today I was in working on categories and got a "page not found" error. Come to find out that my host suspended my account because "admin.cgi using excessive cpu" .

I guess I wanted to see if anyone else has had this problem before and see if it's something I'm doing wrong. I did do something last night that I feel I want to ask and see if possibly it's causing the problem. Since I'm not able to access my account I'm going to go from memory here.

I use Multi_Categories to create my categories and had a typo which caused 500 categories to be created under home ( this was all wrong ). So, I went in to MySQLDBMAN and went to the lsql_category table and did an "Empty". That's the only one that I did an empty on. the lsql_categoryrelation (not sure on this one but it's above the category table) still had a number in the 400's in it.

Then I started creating the categories again and everything seemed to be ok. This was about the time I got suspended.

Could I have created a situation where my pointers are having issues since some of the categories that were re-created were in the same location in relation to home as before I did the empty but the majority were more nested?

Thanks in advance,