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additional status in user-table

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additional status in user-table

how can I make the best way to have a new status in user-table like 'blocked',

so that a user cannot login, subscribe or signup a second time.

unfortunately a user which I set to No mailings, no newsletter and not validatet can subscribe at subscribe.cgi

So anybody can make this and I cannot be sure, he really wants newsletters (its illegal in Germany)

Thanks for any idea,
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Re: [cwschroeder] additional status in user-table In reply to
Hi Chris:

What I did was update the Status field to include a new option- "Closed." Then you have to do some editing around to have Closed do what you want. I have forgotten what I changed- should makew this a plug in or something, I guess!

But anyway, that keeps the e-mail addy and username "In Use" so no one can register with them, but allow them to do nothing!

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