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adding multiple disc + enabling left side in CSS

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adding multiple disc + enabling left side in CSS

Any suggestions... I am trying to add extra fields like

basically I am trying to organized info in description example:-


Since ideally would be to have separate custom fields in database also, so you can have your own listing service, but I don't have programming or database skills.
Now I am just trying to have separate input fields & merge them as single field in database under description.
User will input data in 3 different desc, but when submitting they will be merged as single desc in database as normally you would see in gossamer links 3.2.0

I have been playing around with both CSS files in luna, could not get CSS to enable left side bar which is disabled by default. I would appriciate if someone could please post both modified css files as mine are screwed up after modifing to much. Also want to increase width of page, as I think original settings are in 640 width.

Thanks in advance!
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Post adding multiple disc + enabling left side in CSS jasy007 1918 Mar 11, 2009, 9:34 AM