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about using [normal] Search_Indexed mode....

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about using [normal] Search_Indexed mode....
when using non-english version , it's need select [normal] on the Search_Indexed,

but if just use a single word "a" to "z"

to do a searching, it will had a different search result print on the template.

something like :

use "g" the result is:@@?font color=red>G Thu Mar 20 2003

use "s" the result is:@@?font color=red>s Hits

.............. this is many different result will get it ....

but if use over one word like "ab" "bc" "gs" to do search,

it was no different print on the result, so i think ,

if can make sure must input two words or over , then can run the search ,

if not print ERROR. that will OK.

Someone can be teach me how to fixed on this case, thank much.