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about goto plugins

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about goto plugins
is there a demo for this. does is it have all the features offered by goto?
i want to be able to pay people fo sending clicks
for example goto pays altavista to add their paid links on their pages and pay them a certain percentage
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Re: [theguy] about goto plugins In reply to

We are working on putting a demo together. No, currently it does not offer the ability to export links to other search engines. However, you could always frame it using:


which could be branded using another look.


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Re: [Alex] about goto plugins In reply to
I'm looking forward to seeing a demo or at least a site that is using the goto mod. Is there any live sites that are using the mod?

We are waiting on redesigning our site using Links SQL but would like to implement the goto feature, but don't want to go with it before at least seeing it in use and possible get some feedback from others who are using it on a live site. Smile