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phpAdsNew2 display issue with IE

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phpAdsNew2 display issue with IE
We run the plug-in phpAdsNew2 version 1, which worked fine on our old setup (Version: 3.0.4, Apache/1.3.33 , php4.4).

We recently moved to a new server and updated the Gossamer. We are now running Gossamer Links 3.2.0 on Apache/2.0.59 with PHP5.

Since we moved to the new server environment we are having troubles with the ads display using I.E. Banner ads appear as normal when you initially visit the homepage, but any subsequent pages do not display the ads unless the page is refreshed. This is occurring when using Internet Explorer only. Oddly enough, the issue is resolved when viewing with IE7. However, the client does not want to depend on his visitors upgrading their browsers.

The site is wholesaleroom.com, but we have not set the new version live and prefer not to until this issue is resolved.

We have searched the boards and the WWW without an answer to this issue and would appreciate any assistance you can give us.