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do I change password

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do I change password
bit of a newbie question I guess but I don't quite get how to change my password. Searched the boards but all posts relate to lost passwords.

In setup>admin password I filled in the box to change my username and password but then it says create new user, thats not what I want to do, I just want to change the admin password.

I tried the create new user, and it did, so i now have 2 users. Is the game here to create a new user then go back in and delete one of them that you don't want or have I missed something a bit more fundamentalCrazy?

many thanks


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Re: [KevM] do I change password In reply to
You need to do the following;

Go into Setup > Admin Password.

Add a new user (say test/test)
Delete the 'admin' user (or whatever you want to change)
You will then be prompted for a new user/pass, so enter the test/test combinations.
Then re-add the 'admin' user, with new password you want.

Please make sure you do it this way, otherwise you could find yourself locked out of the admin panel :(


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] do I change password In reply to
Thanks Andy,

I had sort of figured that might be the way to do it but it seemed a bit long winded - I wanted to be 110% sure.