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Working with Links SQL 2.0 offline.

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Working with Links SQL 2.0 offline.
Hi everybody,
I did buy Links SQL 2.0, now I'm trying to install it on a standalone server to operate it offline as I did with links 2.0. I have Apache, Perl, MySQL on the server (The OS is Windows 2000). However, the script requested the DBI and DBD modules from perl to be installed. I installed them on the server but I did not know how to deal with them or where to locate them. The problem persists.
Please help.

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Re: Working with Links SQL 2.0 offline. In reply to

And DBI has been discussed quite a few times in the forums in terms of installing it...


Eliot Lee
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Re: Working with Links SQL 2.0 offline. In reply to
Dear Eliot,
Thank you for your help.
In fact, I tried to install DBI and DBD from CPAN.org and I read all the posts related to DBI as you recommended. However, I read from the DBI.readme files that all the versions of DBI module need to achieve the following commands since the module is available in the source code:
perl Makefile.PL
make test TEST_VERBOSE=1
make install
I don't know how and where to achieve these instructions.
Again, I have windows 2000, perl, apache, and MySQL for win32 but I don't know how to proceed.
I appreciate your help.
Best regards,

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Re: Working with Links SQL 2.0 offline. In reply to
I use Links SQL offline and it works fine.
System win98 , active perl, xitami webserver, mySQL for win32

I have only istalled mySQL, than i have run ppm.bat from active perl ( a tool where i can search for modules and which auto install the needed modules.

Have searched for DBD , and have choose DBD:mySQL from the list . It has installed it.
Have searched for DBI and it has installed.

After that I have done nothing. Start the install.cgi from Links SQL and allthing works fine.

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Re: Working with Links SQL 2.0 offline. In reply to
Thanks Mikado,
In fact I did worked on apache some long time I don't have time to learn xitami from the begining again. Apache is working very good. The real problem resides in MySQL for win32, I don't have what you called install.cgi. After extracting the the MySQL file from winzip I had a file called setup, I clicked on it and the setup program shield worked properly. Then I could click on the icon of mysqladmin to operate the admin but when I read the instructions on installing and starting MySQL for win32 from the related mysql documentation I read something about line command instructions from the dos shell. I tried these mentioned command in different way but I always have the following error message:
HTTP POST failed: 500 (can't connect to activestate.com:80 (Bad hostname 'www.activestate.com'), <> line 1.), in SOAP method call. Content of response:
at C:/perl/site/lib/PPM/SOAPClient.pm line 222
Then I tried to install the dbi module as I read from the documentations of mysql and from the dos shell I wrote the following commands:
install dbi
Install package 'dbi?' (y/N):y
I got the following line then the same a.m. result:
Retrieving package 'dbi'...
Then I installed the dbi and dbd modules from cpan.org and that they are available as source code and I had to build and test them etc. I tried to perform the command (perl c:\dbi-1.14\makefile.pl) including the path of the makefile.pl path in the installed dbi directory, and I got the following error message:
Can't locate lib/DBI/DBD.pm in the @INC (@INC contains: lib c:/perl/lib c:/perl/site/lib .) at c:\dbi-1.14\makefile.pl line 220.
BEGIN failed--compilation aborted at c:\dbi-1.14\makefile.pl
So consequently, can you explain what's going on.
I found conflicted instructions to start mysql in different documentations.
Please note that when I clicked on mysqladmin icon in the mysql directory an admin program started but I couldn't deal with it.
Please help.
Thanks in advance.

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Re: Working with Links SQL 2.0 offline. In reply to
hi wewe,

I donīt know anything about SQL or mySQL. I have intsalled and used it the first time when for LinksSQL.
With install.cgi I mean the script at LinksSQL.
I have installed lates nonbeta perl from activestate(v.5.6.0)
I have intsalled mySQL (setup.exe)
I have run ppm from perl/bin

Installed dbi from ppm (shell) with install dbi
Installed DBD from ppm (shell) with install DBD-Mysql

Donīt need to do anything else. They are installed correct to my activeperl
Then I have start install.cgi LinksSQL.
Allthing works.

You donīt need to download the the modules in source , with ppm they are downloaded and installed correct.
I canīt say anything else because I donīt know more. I am a beginner but it has worked for me.
It must not do anything with xitami or apache. I think your problem was with installing the dbi and dbd mnodules , so install them with ppm and you donīt need to do anything with makefile.pl