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Wish: 'Ariticle' based Links2.0

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Wish: 'Ariticle' based Links2.0

Links2.0 is - possible - easy to change into an article handler. The links would be the 'links to the articles, with a short description' and the detailed pages would be 'the article itself with possible a picture'. Under eacht article it would be nice if registered users could leave their comments and reviews. For a sort of community.

Because it would be nice if each comment giving by a user would have a links to a user-details page, where people can see their name, info and (links to their) last 10 comments and reviews a separate user-database is required. Or not?

So he following features schould be build in:

- let user register with possible a lot of user-info. (with validated email)
- add, modify and delete reviews. (articles are only added my the admin, or admin-staff)
- possiblilty to link form the user-review to detailed user-info (with links to last posted messages)

What do you all thinks of this? Are some modofications already available?

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