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Will detailed pages be overwritten?

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Will detailed pages be overwritten?
I've found with nph-build.cgi a behaviour that seems strange to me ... but maybe I don't understand lsql ...

I'm building detailed pages (I have about 2k links) but my server is a liitle bit weak but very busy (there is also a vBulletin ...). I saw that quite a lot of detailed pages aren't generated but I decided to try it by night an by cron before I get in panic ... but tody I've deleted some old detailed pages from the directory with ftp and run a build again ... and now other pages with lower numbere were build. Before I've got only numbers about 45 46 47 ... ans so on. After deleting the files there were 1 2 4 5 ... and so on.

Because there were a lot of files not build and some with 0 byte I've tried ti do it with ssh.

I used

perl nph-build.cgi --all

and since 25 minutes the detailed pages are build. Now the pages seem to be overwritten, in the browser not?

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Re: [kailew] Will detailed pages be overwritten? In reply to
Check that your logs aren't full. I ran into some interesting issues when the error log on a *nix server got too big or the partition filled up ...
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