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Why is Browse Feature Appearing?

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Why is Browse Feature Appearing?
I created a column in Categories called "Images" in an attempt to figure out how to insert related images beside each category name in the home page and related pages. The instructions I have are for users uploading the images so I'm having to use trial and error to figure out how I'm going to get them to line up and insert properly. I tried to put a tag <input type="file" name="Image /> in my category. html and what happens is I get a "Browse" box showing up. Was I just blocking this before because of my alteration of the css, is this normally on all pages?
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Re: [shell] Why is Browse Feature Appearing? In reply to
>> <input type="file" name="Image /> in

That would be how to upload an image, in a form.

If you are trying to DISPLAY the image, the format is just like you would use any other tag (eg: <%image%>) *BUT* there has to be a bit of other path information, or the use of jump.cgi, to actually let the browser know where the image is.

So, check out this:


That is Brewt's how to on file columns.

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Re: [pugdog] Why is Browse Feature Appearing? In reply to
hi, I guess I have to find the file enabling jump cgi but what I was wondering is how do you get the images to line up right beside the name correctly? Do you create css for this? When you create the extra file column in the database table do you have to make sure it sits beside the category name field? Thanks, S