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Which folders should I keep in the static path?

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Which folders should I keep in the static path?

I've screwed around so much with testing my system and changing category names, adding and deleting individual records that I'm certain theres is a bunch of garbage and old data in the static path area of the links system.

I suspect the easiest way to take care of cleaning this up would be a mass delete of everything in the static build folder and then "Build All" again to get the fresh new content. But it looks as if there are some folders and maybe some files in the static build folder that I should not delete. Does anybody know which files and folders these are that I should NOT delete when clearing out all of the content that gets built by the Links system?

I'm going to guess and say that I only need to keep the "static" and the "images" folders and that everything else in there will rebuild with the Build All function. But that is just a guess and I don't want to delete something I shouldn't because I guessed. so... I'm asking here.

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Westin: May 14, 2009, 11:30 AM
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Re: [Westin] Which folders should I keep in the static path? In reply to
Depends on your path configuration.

Things to keep in mind:
  • Everything inside your build_root_path can be nuked (exceptions)
  • You need to keep everything in build_static_path
  • Possibly any file column files that you put in the build_root_path
  • Any other files you might have manually put in the build_root_path