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When the stable is released:

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When the stable is released:

It's been hard to follow all the changes in the upgrades so far. Beta 5 added a field to the database -- which is a problem for people who are "running" the Beta 4, since they don't have an "old" database to upgrade with.

Is it possible to have a "check" script that tests to make sure all the basic tables/fields are there in the database, and all the essential configuration options are there?

It doesn't actually have to "do" the changes, but if it can point out that a table is missing, or a field is missing, or a configuration parameter needs set or "updated" it would suffice for the most things. People can then enter the field via the admin, or click the "reset defaults" to fix the configuration problems -- but at least they know where the problem is before going crazy.

This should be fairly simple, and it will greatly reduce the number of obscure problems people are going to have once they finally move to the stable from one of the betas.

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As Pugdog hypothesized.... I am one of those who skipped the Beta 5 in anticipation of the final. If you would even just put the field name and particulars in the README, we could add it manually!

And thanks Pugdog for pointing this out!