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When building categories - missing one!

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When building categories - missing one!

Got an odd problem. When I do staggered build of my site, it always misses one category!

Its the last category to build (first letter = x). If I then go in and modify that category in some way and do a build changed, it then DO build that category.

Any ideas?
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Re: [demon] When building categories - missing one! In reply to
Are you building on a shared server?
Is that the only category that does not get built?
Is it possible that there are other categories that also do not get built?

Here is a good way to find out ...
In nph-build.cgi, sub build_staggered, about line 220, make the following temporary edit ...
($stage == 5) and do {
my $db = $DB->table('Category');
my $count = $db->count;
my $page = $IN->param('p') || 1;
my $offset = $IN->param('o') || 3;
... that is, change 10 to 3 in the purple line.

Now run build_staggered again. LSQL will build 3 categories at a time between refreshes, so you will be able to see everything that happens in the browser window. Watch carefully -- each group of 3 should terminate with a line saying "All done". If any page refreshes before completely finished, it is likely that some kind of server error (not LSQL) is responsible. The most likely cause of such an error is exceeding CGI usage limits on a shared server -- LSQL category builds are very resource-intensive.

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YoYoYoYo: Sep 4, 2002, 5:18 PM
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Re: [demon] When building categories - missing one! In reply to

i had the same problem. my last 5 categories were not build.

i wrote an email to alex with the login data for my webserver and he helped me within a day.

unfortunatley i don't know what he did. the only thing i know is that he did a change somewhere in nph-build.cgi.


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Re: [YoYoYoYo] When building categories - missing one! In reply to
Well, yes its a shared server. BUT, each line does finish with ALL DONE, and then does a screen refresh. Even the one which contains the category in question! So its not that... I think. Also, there are no errors as far as I can see.

And, yes I have seen it happen to other categories before, however at the moment is only seems to affect the last category... but as you say I might have missed other ones...