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What indexing method do you use???

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What indexing method do you use???
I am new with links sql. Just bought it recently. I guess the default one is the non-indexed. I plan to have a site with less than 5000 links at most. I think the speed is very important but then again, too bad of a search result isn't good either... I think I have come down to either internal or MySQL. I really like to use MySQL, but I heard the search relevancy is not very good... Is internal slow or use more resources?

The other quick question, changing the indexing method, I need to go to both database/category/properties and then go to database/links/properties to change? Why? Thank you!
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Re: [flybuzz] What indexing method do you use??? In reply to

I'd recommend internal as it is the most flexible and will be very fast on that size of a database.

MySQL is good if you are using MySQL version 4, but the full text indexing support in MySQL 3.23.x is not very good.

Finally, yes, you need to change both links and category search indexing.


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