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How to install templates?

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How to install templates?
I unzipped templates and copied them to .../admin/templates directory. When I go to admin panel-build-user templates and change, I got the following error:
"A fatal error has occured GT:: templates::editor (1512) could not make directory (server/cgi-bin/Links/admin/templates/av/local) reason: Permission denied at /var/apache/cgi-bin/Links/admin/Links/tools.pm line 389". What is the problem? I did set permissions on templates directory to be 777. Please help
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Re: [banana] How to install templates? In reply to
You are on a *nix machine.

Best thing to do is just go into the templates directory and type

chmod -R 777 yahoo

or whatever the directory name is. That will set permissions on the directory. If you are worried about security that deep in your system, you can manually create local and compiled directorys, and just set their permissions to 777.

If your FTP program lets you CHMOD from the ftp interface, just set it to either '777' or 'RWXRWXRWX'. This will allow the server to write the necessary directories.

Alternatively, if you have root access you can just go into the admin directory and :

chown -R nobody templates (if your server runs as nobody/nobody)
chgrp -R your_user_group templates
chmod -R 755 *.
chmod -R 666 *.html
chmod -R 666 *.txt

That should allow you as you to edit the files, and the server to write/update files.

Of course, you could just chown/chgrp to 'nobody' and give the server exclusive access, and just edit your templates through the admin->template->editor.

If none of this makes sense.... just go back via FTP (as you uploaded the files) and delete that directory. Then, go into FileMan, and upload the template directory from your computer. The perrmissions will be set correctly for the server. If fileman won't let you, then you have to change the permissions manually as above.

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What are the right permissions? In reply to

Thanks. I followed your instruction and it worked. Can you point out where I can find info about all the right permissions for each Links directory?
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Re: [banana] What are the right permissions? In reply to
The permissions vary depending on if the server is running it, or if you are trying to use FTP. There is no "one" way to set up permissions.

But, if you use telnet to upload the files, the server has to have access, so the


directories all need to be write-enabled for the server, ie: 777 and the files 666 Those are the directories the server wants to write to at times.

If you upload and install via the web, so the permissions are all set as the server, you don't need to set anything, but you won't be able to use FTP to edit the files, only the fileman. (without changing the permissions).

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