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What´s new page

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What´s new page
It is a long time ago that i take a look to the what´s new page ...

I am right, that there are only two options:

1. Make an index-page with dates, then subpages with build_span_pages.
2. Only one page with a certain nummber of the newest links.

But where the hell is just the way that every category goes?

On page one 25 links, on page two 25 links ... and on every page a navigation through the pages?

Huh! Two find out this i need now 2 hours. :-(
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Re: [Robert] What´s new page In reply to

Mmm.. I'm not sure what you're asking for?


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] What´s new page In reply to
Ways to show new pages:

1. Index-page like
New on 1.1.08
New on 31.12.07

from this come to /1.1.08/index.php and more....php

This means: one index with a list of links for every day and subpages with spanned pages.

One page with x new links

Not possible:

Show spanned pages for all new links without the index-page A.

I have done this now. To take a look send me a pm.