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View all links in sub-categories

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View all links in sub-categories
I am looking for a way to display all the links in a given category and its subcategories at the same time. Then give users the ability to narrow it down to the specific sub-category.

Example...user goes to the "job section" and can see a list of the latest jobs added from all sub-categories in jobs. Yet can also see the links to individual category to narrow it down.

Any suggestions?
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Re: [Soren] View all links in sub-categories In reply to

Mmm.. you could do it with a custom script. Something along these lines;

my $catID = 111; # set as the category you wanna ge sub-cats of

my $catids = $DB->table('Category')->children($catID); # business

my $tbl = $DB->table('CatLinks','Links');

my $sth = $tbl->select( ['Links.Photo','Links.ID'] , GT::SQL::Condition->new ('CatLinks.CategoryID', 'IN', $catids, 'isValidated', '=', 'Yes' ) ) || die $GT::SQL::error;

while (my $hit = $sth->fetchrow_hashref) {
# you have access to all values from glinks_Links and glinks_CatLinks here - so would need to get the values from glinks_Category seperatly

I can't afford the time to write the whole thing for you I'm afraid - spent too much of my Xmas hol's helping people out this year Tongue

Hope that helps though.


Andy (mod)
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