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View Search Logs - page to display to 'public'

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View Search Logs - page to display to 'public'
How do I display the 'view search logs' results on a page to be displayed for 'website users'?

My reasoning behind this is that it may help to 'promote' the site to potential listers if they can view the type and quanity of searches being done on the site.

Colin Thompson
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Re: [colintho] View Search Logs - page to display to 'public' In reply to
You want to show ALL the search log results, along with hits/result counts etc? Its easy to do just a global showing xx amount of the top queries, but making it have a "nav bar", (ie 1 2 3 4 5 6 etc) is a lot harder, as it would need a custom script to output the results.


Andy (mod)
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