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Validate and Email Confirmation

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Validate and Email Confirmation

I need a little flexibility when sending out the confirmation email when validating new links, so I don't use the automatic email setting for when new records are added and validated.

Does anyone know if there is a way to change the option/function:

Delete and Email Reason

and rather have:

Validate and Email Confirmation

I thought I could just go into the browser_link_validate_form.html template and make a quick change, but it looks like the option values are:

Validate: value="validate"
Delete: value="delete"
Delete and Eamil Reason: value="email"

So it seems that the value "email" will make it delete the record and then send the email with the reason in the text box.

Anyone have any ideas on how it could be set to have the option Validate and Email Confirmation where you could modify the text in the reason box?