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Validate Radiobutton Checked?

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Validate Radiobutton Checked?
I would like to know how do I keep the (X) validate button checked from the beginning when I review links, so that I just can change to "delete" if I donīt like the site. I hate having to click "validate" on every submitted link.
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Re: [drumstick] Validate Radiobutton Checked? In reply to
nevermind, I solved it myself! You just have to edit Tools.pm in admin/Links and add the word "checked".

First find:
sub validate_links {

and below that find:

<table border=0 cellpadding=3 cellspacing=2>
<tr><td valign=top rowspan=2><$font><input type="radio" name="validate-$link->{ID}" value="validate" checked>
Validate<br><font size=1>

and there you go!

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drumstick: Jul 29, 2006, 3:54 PM
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Re: [drumstick] Validate Radiobutton Checked? In reply to
And to change the number of links to validate per page, simply change:

sub validate_links {
# ------------------------------------------------------------------
# Display a list of links waiting to be validated.
my $db = $DB->table ('Links');
my $cat_link = $DB->table ('CatLinks');
my $user_db = $DB->table ('Users');
my $html = $DB->html ( $db, $IN );
my $font = 'font face="Tahoma,Arial,Helvetica" size="2"';
my $nh = $IN->param('nh') || 1;
my $mh = $IN->param('mh') || 25;

in the Tools.pm file.