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Validate - extending boxs to view urls etc.

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Validate - extending boxs to view urls etc.

I think I have a simple question. On the validate screen, I would like to increase the size of the box that holds the URL and also enlarge the categories box. It just makes it easier when I am validating records.

Can anyone offer a guide to what needs to be changed in what scrips as I am new to these scripts and this would save me some valuable time.

Greatly appreciated in advance.
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Re: [fulcan] Validate - extending boxs to view urls etc. In reply to
Try doing this;

Database > Add Link > Properties (at bottom of page)

Then click on the 'URL' link, and further down the page it will say something like 'Form Size', which is set to 20 by default. You can change this to whatever you want. This will then change the URL box size when adding links, modifying, deleting, browsing and validating them Smile

Andy (mod)
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