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Using backup files

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Using backup files
Maybe an unusual problem. I have Links SQL Version: 3.2.0. It's a new install on a new server, same domain name. I want to use the backup files from 5 yrs ago. Back then I moved to another server and lost the database, but did find the older backup files, with maybe half the links I had.

I am starting all over, but it would be great to import these old files, especially the categories. This new version is way over my head and I really can't figure out how to import these files and deperately need help.

The files are called:

Do I import or upload this? To which file?

Thanks for any help.
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Re: [TW] Using backup files In reply to

Wrong forum Wink (I've moved it for you)

Regarding the backup - what version was those backups made in? Sounds like it may not be possilbe (email me over one of the files if you want, and I'll have a peek - to see what format they are in (ie ASCII), and how easily they can be imported).


Andy (mod)
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