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Using HTML Objects in GT::SQL

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Using HTML Objects in GT::SQL
In the 'Links SQl Help' docu there is a section for the
GT::SQL stuff.

CLick on 'SQL' to see the various options and scroll
down to the HTML section (quoted below)

To get an html object for generating forms and html output, you need to pass in the table/relation object you want to work with, and a cgi object:
my $html = $db->html ($table, $cgi);
The html object uses information found in CGI to set values, etc. See GT::SQL::Display::HTML for more information on how to use a html object. "

That link "GT::SQL::Display::HTML " is broken as per
error message below.

A pointer to any more docu or tutorial on how to
use the GT library would be appreciated.

regards doug

A fatal error has occured:

GT::Template (17982): Unable to open template file '/home/gossamer-threads/perl/links-sql2/admin/templates/help/GT/SQL/Display/HTML.html'. Reason: File does not exist. at /home/gossamer-threads/perl/links-sql2/admin/admin.cgi line 90.

Please enable debugging in setup for more details.

Content-type: text/html System Error: Callback called exit.

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Re: [dougrobb] Using HTML Objects in GT::SQL In reply to
Still no fix GT? Unsure


Andy (mod)
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