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User level / Paid service

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User level / Paid service

1) Iīm thinking about a way to give special members the possibility to have access to actions a normal visitor should not have.

I have a directory with informations. Visitors can see the informations but they canīt contact the author of the informations. This is a paid service.

User should register as a member, once they are validated they have the status MEMBER.

I would like to do it like the editors idea.

<%if member%>
<a href="mailto:<%Contact_Email%>"><%Contact_Name%></a>
or other actions ....

2) In my case a combination with Gossamer-Mail (and maybe the future community) would be the perfect combination.

People sign up at GM as member. As a GM-User they have the right to click on a -Contact-Button- (only shown for members) at Linksql-Directory. They can send emails to the "Link" with attachments. The owner of the Linksql-Link can still be anonymous because GM will forward the mails to the real-email-address ......


Maybe only part 1) could be interesting for you, but I described also part 2) if someone else has similar ideas and is interested to discuss.


Michael Skaide


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Re: [Michael Skaide] User level / Paid service In reply to
I am very interested in this as well. Does anyone have any ideas on how to implement it?

Thanks! :)

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Re: [Katina] User level / Paid service In reply to

I think this can be implemented in the dynamic.


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Re: [Michael Skaide] User level / Paid service In reply to
Good idea, and not too difficult to develop in your original idea.

Could be possible to improve the idea, to have it with a separate admin interface with features like Validate & enable paid member, Billing informations, Billing statistics, Member activity, etc...
Just some ideas to show you the powerful possibilities...

However this would be much more difficult to develop, than your original idea.

Best regards,

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Re: [Katina] User level / Paid service In reply to
I agree. Making the access to the directory pages password protected (ie a membership) would be a great add-on. Even if many membership type features are not ready right away, the pages under Links SQL should be password protected and access coordinated with the registration process.

Has it been done yet??