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User Owned Categories

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User Owned Categories
I saw a couple threads about this but linked to a blogging plugin that seems to have lost some steam?

So, Is it possible to automatically create and assign a category to a new user? And restrict new submissions to that category to that user? So, say "newuser1" signs up which then creates a "newuser1" category, and all links "newuser1" submits get filed in his/her "newuser1" category. Basically I think it's like giving editor status to users for their personal category.

Anyone try something like this?
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Re: [pshadow] User Owned Categories In reply to

This is possible. Sort of :)

Are you going through community, or is your Glinks install stand alone? (Stand alone is better) Right now, with some issues with community, and a new community on the way (rumor?), it would be better to run this particular program group/set as a stand alone, and import the user base into community down the road.

There is no formal plugin for this, it would have to be custom installed, and it would depend on how you wanted your system to work.

It is part of the Blog/Blinkie program, which hasn't lost steam <G> it's just I haven't posted in awhile. I have made a lot of progress on it, actually, and am working on getting a demo/alpha-beta site up so I can pull it all together.

The problem has been in how to handle the categories, and allow people to move/tag them. It starts to get really complex really quickly, and I like to think on things awhile til I can simplify them before going ahead. If you can post a little more detail on what you need, maybe I can fix up something.

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Re: [pugdog] User Owned Categories In reply to
Thanks for replying. Glad to hear the blog project is still in the works.

yes, it would be stand alone. Actually I would have it hooked into vb3 through the vbAuth plugin.

Basically what I'm looking for is more of a log than a blog. Meaning instead of posting links users can post a daily log. data inserted would be stuff like time (duration), distance, activity (maybe drop down), and maybe a comment/blog text area. Then users could see views of their activities by week, month, year.

I would need to automatically create a journal (i.e. category) when a user signs up and then when they post using the add form it'll automatically be inserted into their journal (category). basically everyone has there own. Not so necessary to create additional categories within the parent category (Journal), might not even allow then to create categories just post/edit links (daily entries).