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Uploading Images

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Uploading Images
I have done a search for info on uploading a logo to the detailed pages but can't seem to find a solution. I am just wondering if someone can run me through how to get a logo up on the detailed page. As of now I have set up a Category Proporty <%Logo%>
and placed the tags on the proper pages. What shows up on my detailed page is no image nut the name of the image ex. Photo_5.jpg

Would appreciate help or a shove in the right direction
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Re: [knewt] Uploading Images In reply to
I had this problem a while back. I can't remember exactly what I did to fix it...but I think it was just a global needed to give the correct image URL Wink Hopefully I'm not completly wrong...lol

Andy (mod)
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Re: [knewt] Uploading Images In reply to
Check out:


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