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Upgrading to SQL 2.0

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Upgrading to SQL 2.0
I am thinking I should upgrade to SQL 2.0 I am running Links 2.0 and have the problem of invalid date format when we upgraded to Perl version 5.006. Would it fix the invalid date problem and would it still created HTML pages on the server like links 2.0 or it there a demo online?


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The problem that you posted is not related to LINKS, but your server configurations, as I already told you in your original Thread....

Upgrading to LINKS SQL will most likely NOT fix the problem you are experiencing, since it uses similar Date/Time modules as Links 2.0.

And yes, LINKS SQL does include an option to build "static" web pages of your directory.

And if you go to the Links SQL product homepage, you will see a bunch of links to online demos...both from the administrator and user perspective.


Eliot Lee