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This is probably a really stupid question but, sorry, i can't help it...

I am installing the upgrade.
But when i launch the setup.cgi the data tables wich have been set up gives several errors => table already exists.
Of course it are the tables of the previous database.
But if i setup and overwrite the existing tabels my data will be lost.
I have no clue on how to solve this problem.
Can anybody help me ?
The new version looks great and i am looking forward to use it but...
I already tried installing on a seperate hosting, then it works fine to make the tables but then i can't import my data. It's anaother hosting with another SQL database and another password.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Etienne Colla

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You should use a prefix when upgrading, if you put prefix 'new' then your Links SQL 2 tables would be called newLinks and newCategory and won't conflict with your Links SQL 1.x tables.



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Re: Upgrading In reply to

Please make this a default. I meant to suggest that.

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