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Upgrade Questions

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Upgrade Questions
I am in the midst of upgrading to version 2.0.1 even though I've not yet worked with the 1.2 version originally installed by Alex more than a year ago :-)

I'm not concerned with any files/modifications being overwritten, there have been very few attempts as yet to customize anything. Before proceeding with the upgrade, I do have a couple of questions however ...

1. The "Sensible defaults" identified in the install scripts are pulling up a /cgi-bin path for the "Path to place your HTML files:" - Is this path to be the html output directory or the path to the template html files?

2. Since there is no live site running the 1.x version, would there be problems with installing 2.x in the same directory rather than a different directory? (Essentially, overwriting the 1.x files)

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I would erase the 1.1x install. It needs to go bye bye.

The suggested defaults are a bit off. The 'html' directory is suggested to be the ../cgi-bin directory. This needs to be changed to your htdocs or public directory, or whatever you call it.

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