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Updating templates?

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Updating templates?
I use Dreamweaver to work on my pages and was just wondering....can I just use Dreamweaver to ftp the templates to the site or is it better to do it through Links SQL? Or does it matter?
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Re: [rayhne] Updating templates? In reply to
I would recommend doing it through LSQL's admin panel. It just helps to keep file permissions, and also any problems where you may corrupt the templates if you upload them manually via FTP.


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Re: [rayhne] Updating templates? In reply to

If dreamweaver does not corrupt the templates (and since you are making them in DW I guess it doesn't) using FTP to upload the templates doesn't hurt.

There are two ways to do that. You can set the permissions on your templates directory to be 666, which allows both you and the server to write to them. Because they are in a cgi-bin directory, and are text files, the security issues are sort of moot.

The other thing you can do is to set the "group" of the files to a group you are a member of, and then the server "owns" the files so they can write to them, and the group has permission, but the world does not: 664

The problem is, that the server usually runs as "nobody" and "nogroup" so that if you try to edit/modify the templates through the server (admin panel) the permissions are set to not allow edits as "you". If you set the permissions to "you" -- yourid yourgroup -- then you can't edit the files through the admin. I worked that way for years. It was "safer" as a full, working copy of the templates/changes was always on my local drives, as well as the server.

I've gotten lazy, and have started to work on the files through the Links admin. (I used to do it all in an editor, save the file, ftp them up, view them, etc) Now I edit them in an editor, paste them into the template editor, save and view). The "working" copy is only on the server at this point, and it's a risk unless you do backups.

A mild plug -- if Andy's backup program hits general release, and you backup your files on a regular basis, then doing it through the Links Admin (if you like it) becomes "safe".

But the short answer -- if you set your permissions correctly, there is no benefit/disadvantage to using EITHER the Links Admin or FTP methods to work on your files. Each has it's quirks, but every person works differently. The *ONLY* thing to consider, is that by using the Links Admin there is no local backup copy, if you edit/save/FTP manually, you by default have a local backup copy.

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