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Updated Flag Settings

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Updated Flag Settings
I am looking for the ability to define how long the "updated" flag shows. I don't see it in Admin->Setup->Build Options, where the control for New and popular are. Can you tell me how to change the amount of time Updated shows?
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Re: [Evoir] Updated Flag Settings In reply to
As I suspected, it uses the build_new_cutoff date, just like isNew

You can modify it -- by hard coding -- in the Build.pm

sub build_changed_flags

routine. Just change the $CFG->{build_new_cutoff} item to some other value.

my $date = GT::Date::date_sub ( GT::Date::date_get(), $CFG->{build_new_cutoff} );

my $date = GT::Date::date_sub ( GT::Date::date_get(), 4 );

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Re: [pugdog] Updated Flag Settings In reply to
Thanks Pugdog. Now that I know that it is related to the New flags, I might just leave it alone. I had no idea how long the Updated flags were showing! :)