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Update on FAQ site, and plug-ins

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Update on FAQ site, and plug-ins

I realize in the past few months with all the links releases, things have gotten confusing. Remember, I said any of the links to the demos on my sites can appear and disappear? Any link with "test" in anywhere, from the domainname on down to the filename can disappear at any time -- and I'm sorry, but a lot of them have! Just in the normal course of things.

Because forum data can get old, I am starting to keep all my links/mods/plug-ins, etc listed in the FAQ area, under "PUGDOG's Mods". This is easier to update, and I can keep changing files.

Believe it or not, in the past 2 weeks, that has also gotten out of date, as my first incarnation didn't hold up well to the realities of the 2.x version release schedules.

I hope to have demos of the major plug-ins installed on the FAQ site, which will be the central site for released mods. I may have a second site set up on the LinkSQL domain to show off mods in progress, but that is later. A list of installed plug-ins and software is on the front page when you hit it. I'll try to make that dynamic so if I turn speedy on/off you'll know (it's usually ON).

To clear my head a little, I've spent a little time converting some of the old mods I released -- bad link, recommend it, jump.cgi, etc to a releasable condition -- and make them plug ins! (well, jump.cgi is just a replacement!).

As someone once said, it's a brave new world!

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