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Unknown tag "cfg_version" after Update to 2.03?

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Unknown tag "cfg_version" after Update to 2.03?

i've just updated 2.02 to 2.03 on an intranet server, 2.02 works fine before.

If i call add.cgi i'll get an error "unknown tag "cfg_version" and the following debugging message:

Stack Trace
Links (6042): Links::environment called at /www/home/html/cgi-bin/links/admin/GT/Template.pm line 667 with arguments
Links (6042): GT::Template::_check_func called at /www/home/html/cgi-bin/links/admin/GT/Template.pm line 782 with arguments
(GT::Template=HASH(0x83bdff0), Links::environment, 0).
Links (6042): GT::Template::_get_value called at /www/home/html/cgi-bin/links/admin/GT/Template.pm line 251 with arguments
(GT::Template=HASH(0x83bdff0), Links::environment, 1).
Links (6042): GT::Template::_parse_tags called at /www/home/html/cgi-bin/links/admin/GT/Template.pm line 165 with arguments
(GT::Template=HASH(0x83bdff0), SCALAR(0x81687bc)).
Links (6042): GT::Template::_parse called at /www/home/html/cgi-bin/links/admin/GT/Template.pm line 71 with arguments
(GT::Template=HASH(0x83bdff0), error.html, HASH(0x83be128), 1).
Links (6042): GT::Template::parse called at /www/home/html/cgi-bin/links/admin/Links.pm line 304 with arguments
(GT::Template, error.html, HASH(0x80ca53c), HASH(0x83be128)).
Links (6042): Links::load_template called at (eval 3) line 1 with arguments
(error.html, HASH(0x80ca53c), 1).
Links (6042): Links::SiteHTML::site_html_error called at /www/home/html/cgi-bin/links/admin/GT/Plugins.pm line 78 with arguments
Links (6042): GT::Plugins::dispatch called at /www/home/html/cgi-bin/links/admin/Links/SiteHTML.pm line 28 with arguments
(GT::Plugins, /www/home/html/cgi-bin/links/admin, site_html_error, *Links::SiteHTML::site_html_error, HASH(0x80ca53c)).
Links (6042): Links::SiteHTML::display called at /www/home/html/cgi-bin/links/add.cgi line 54 with arguments
(error, HASH(0x80ca53c)).
Links (6042): main::main called at /www/home/html/cgi-bin/links/add.cgi line 22 with no arguments.

What's wrong?

Thanks for help!

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Re: Unknown tag "cfg_version" after Update to 2.03? In reply to

If I set db_gen_category_list to "yes" it works ... if i set this to "no" it doesn't work ...

What's this?