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Unknown Tag on category pages

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Unknown Tag on category pages
I used to be able to call more or less any tag on the category page just as I do on the links.html. IE i might have a field called "Age" in my database. It works when its on the links.html page but when I put it on the category page it comes up with "unknown tag".

I do this because I use a mod or what you call it on my category page which does not use links.html but instead the look of the links are specified on the category page.. Its so I can create 2 columns and whatever amount of rows of links on each category page.

This means I have all the tags on the category page instead of links.thml. I only use links.html for the search results.

It worked in older versions but not in the new 2.2.0 it seems. For most fields I simply now get "unknown tag".

The detailed URL tag no longer works either on the category page! Again, putting the tag "detailed_url" on the category page simply creates "unknown tag" as well.

Why does this no longer work in new 2.2.0?