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Undelete Category / Backup Question

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Undelete Category / Backup Question
Hi All,
Sorry - I think I posted in the wrong forum so I deleted it and reposted here.

One of our editors tried to move a category into another category and ended up deleting the category by accident. Is there anyway to undelete a category if we haven't yet done a build? I'm assuming not but thought I'd ask. I guess the next question is, if we use a recent backup - it would overwrite a lot of work we've already done. Is it possible to just restore that one accidentally deleted category from a backup? If so, can someone here help with that? Or, is there any way to restore the data using the files that have been written previously to the server?

Thanks in advance...

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Westiegirl: May 7, 2010, 3:38 PM
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Re: [Westiegirl] Undelete Category / Backup Question In reply to
It's probably possible to use the backup file to retrieve the data needed to restore that category, but it would be quite a bit of work to do it.