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URGENT! Building problem

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URGENT! Building problem
I just transfered my Links SQL from 1 dedicated server to another.

Then I hit "build all" ... and now I get this error message: "A fatal error has occured:Unable to open: '/home/mrcry11/public_html/profiles/A/index.shtml' (No such file or directory) at /home/mrcry11/public_html/profiles/cgi-bin/nph-build.cgi line 893.
Please enable debugging in setup for more details."

All the DIR are cmod to 777. Somehow the link will NOT create DIRs. What am I doing wrong, do I need to install anything else in the server or edit anything?

Thanks in advance.

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mrcry11: Nov 10, 2001, 2:46 AM
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Re: [mrcry11] URGENT! Building problem In reply to
That file is the first directory that gets built [ i guess] . so i say, check your paths.
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