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Top category only linked

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Top category only linked

is it possible to have the top category then title for the current category being displayed?

For example, on the detailed page:

<%title_linked%> gives

Home : Business : Entertainment : Paramount

but what is needed would be:

Entertainment : Paramount

all linked correctly.

(sorry if covered before - couldn't find anything relevant!)

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Re: [BLOOD] Top category only linked In reply to
Ok found this useful global the gives a custom url for the home link:

sub {
my $vars = shift;
my $title_linked = $vars->{title_linked};
$title_linked =~ s|^\s+<[^>]+>|<a href="/">|;
return $title_linked;

Now ideally I would like the 'Business' directory link to goto a custom location too.

Any ideas how?

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