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Timestamp and build changed

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Timestamp and build changed
While im looking tru the script, i found that if i change a link, the timestamp is updated. While i cant find any other table to hold information, this means, if i build only changed links, the build.cgi have to run tru all the links, proove the timestamp and build them?

Hmm, think that could not be so. So do you know where lsql saves the information which links have to be build on the next update?

i ask this because i have a lot of other tables.
Like ExampleTable with ID, LinkID and so on. From this table i get additional infos to build the detail e.g., but if i change a set on ExampleTable, i always have to change the corresponding link in Links or have to build the whole db, what would be a problem soon, cause i have about 10.000 links, but let build till to 10 additional pages for every link.
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Re: [Robert] Timestamp and build changed In reply to
I've been working on this recently. Not sure if its on the same lines as what you are doing, but basically doing a b/changed doesn't seem to 'assign' these links as 'built', until it gets to the end of the process. This is a problem on large databases, where the 'changed' build may not actually complete; and rather than starting from the beginning again, you would be better off starting from where it left off. I think it is something in Build.pm, but I'm still struggling to try and work out how it figures out which links have changed, and how one would go about updating them as 'built since change' ... If I find anything, I'll post it here so everyone can have access to it :)


Andy (mod)
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Re: [Andy] Timestamp and build changed In reply to
@ andy

have you got found anything?